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33 year-old female (skin type 4)


38 year-old female (skin type 4)

26 year-old male (skin type 2)

49 year-old female abdomen (skin type 3)


25 year - old female (skin type 3) before laser treatment (left) 
and two months later before her second treatment (right).


26 year-old female (skin type 2) bikini line before first treatment (far left).  
Five months later before fourth treatment (far right).

 "Laser Hair Removal is the best thing that ever happened to me!" - E.G., Floral Park, NY

41 year-old female (skin type 2) underarm before treatment #1(left).

Before treatment #3 (right).


22 year-old female (skin type 1-2) before first treatment (left).
Before treatment #3 (right).

42 year-old male (skin type 1-2) before first treatment (left).
Before treatment #4 (right).


23 year-old female (skin type 2 - 3) before first treatment (left).
Before treatment #5 (right).

    "For the first time in five years I am able to walk into a public place without being stared at. Also, instead of having my head down feeling like a freak because of my beard, I am able to talk with people looking them in the eyes with confidence. 
    Finally, I can see my reflection and smile because I don't hate myself anymore. I have my freedom and self-esteem back."            - L.A.,  Bethpage, NY


49 year-old male (skin type 2-3) before first treatment (left).
Before treatment #2 (right).

26 year-old female arm (skin type 2) before first treatment. (left).
Before Treatment #8 (right).

29 year-old female chin (skin type 2) before first treatment  (left).
Before Treatment #2 (right).

"This laser treatment has changed my life! I no longer break out or scar. I am no longer afraid to have people touch my face.

The cost compared to the results are minimal."
- H.B., Woodhaven, NY

30  year-old female (skin type 3) before first treatment (left).
Before treatment #4 (right).

"Laser treatment is the best thing I could have ever done. Waxing, tweezing, plucking were useless and not permanent. Laser treatment was permanent and after four treatments there is not one hair that has come back! I am going to have laser treatment done on other areas."
-S.B., Bayside, NY.

30 year-old Hispanic female. GentleYAG (nd:YAG laser).



20 Year-old East Indian Female (nd:YAG laser)


Keep checking for updated photos.

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